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The first book edition of the Australian Regional Food Guide was launched in 1999 followed by the second edition in 2004. This ground-breaking guide and directory brought together for the first time a comprehensive overview of the major regional food contributors throughout the country. For the first time Australia had a record of who and where the producers were, who was selling their produce, and where people could sample it in restaurants and cafes throughout the country.

Over the past decade there has been heightened interest in food and cooking in Australia. Reality TV programs in particular have showcased regional produce as never before and food tourism has blossomed. The ARFG website is proud to have been part of this growth and awareness.

The site has evolved over the years, keeping pace with changes in the web and social media. The latest version has simplified to two main components - News and updates via Facebook and the Directory of Listings. The Facebook element is ideal for rapid sharing of news and feedback from followers.

The Directory lists some 4,000 producers, growers, stores, restaurants, cafes and markets throughout the country. It is a free, open-ended resource which relies on listees managing their own listings. The criteria for being listed is straightforward.

• Firstly, the produce must come from the soil or waters of regional Australia.
• Secondly, there should be evidence that the stores or traders selling the produce are committed to showcasing Australian regional produce wherever possible.
• Finally, the chefs and cooks in listed restaurants and cafes should source regional produce in season whenever possible.

ARFG reserves the right to reject submissions if they do not meet these criteria.
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If you know of any businesses that should be listed, please encourage them to sign up or contact the website and ARFG will get in touch with them. And, if you know of any listed business that is no longer operating, please send a quick message and they will be removed from the Directory.